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We have certainly had a few hurdles to cross over the years, some quite literally in the form of a 220-metre swamp which involved a 2-tonne machine & a timber causeway! Another being the small matter of getting 30 tonnes of marble patio slabs up 6 stories whilst our crane blocked one side of Battersea bridge. Just a few examples of the challenges and obstacles that keeps the job exciting even after 20 yrs.

Qualifications & accreditations

After successfully completing a three-year bricklaying apprenticeship and gaining a level 2/3 NVQ, I have been working in the industry both for myself & for a number of developers, gaining a large amount of knowledge over 20 years, putting together a creditable portfolio (CSCS card holder) covering all aspects of brickwork, design & construction. We also specialise in the design & construction of complete garden and landscaping projects.

I have worked on varied landscaping projects for many years, for myself, and was lucky enough to work alongside designers and landscapers for some years, whilst being a foreman, then head foreman of DCKG landscapes based in Dorney, Eton. This period of work enabled me to enhance my knowledge of design processes, pricing and quantity surveying projects.